AFI's two day Long Range Classes

Day 1 Classroom

AFI's long range classes start off with a half day in the class.  We will teach you every aspect of long range shooting from the rifle, scope, bullet, ballistics, and proper shooting positions.  We also make sure everyone knows their specific rifle and bullet information such as twist rate, bullet length and B.C. as well as the S.G. factor of their rifle and load.  We then show students how to take all the ballistics data and put it into whatever ballistics calculator they wish to use, however we also prepare all student ballistics charts for day two.

Day 1, balistics data range and zero

After the classroom portion of the course we move down range to our ballistics data range.  At this range we make sure everyone's scopes are properly installed and adjusted.  We then make sure everyone's rifles are zeroed.  We teach our students how to properly fit the rifle to the body and how to operate the rifle as if it was extension of their body.  We then show our students how to test their scopes to make sure they are tracking properly.  AFI also uses Doppler Radar to make sure you have the most accurate reading of your muzzle velocity

Day 2, Long Range Shooting.

AFI has several different long range  ranges.  Day 2 starts off at what we call the East range.  Here was start off with teaching students how to "Read" the environment to get an accurate wind call and how it will effect your round down range.  We also teach how angles play into shooting at distance and how to compensate for such angles. 

East Range

This is AFI's go to training range and where we teach 90% of our students.  This range has targets out to 1200 yards with angles up to 15 degrees.   All of AFI's targets are reactive steel targets with a center reactive zone that is matched MOA to the specific yard line shooters are at.

Safari Range

This range is for our students who want to have more real hunting/training feel.  At this range all our targets are full sized animals that are made of steel with vital areas that are also reactive.  This range has angles up to 30 degrees and animals out to 1100 yards.  We are adding new animals (Targets) all the time so this range changes constantly.

Video of AFI's range

This is just a snap shot of what our facility offers.

Class dates, price, and how to sign up.

Class price for the two day event is $300

Class date:  April 27-28.

To sign up click on this link:

Class date.  May 25-26.

To sign up click on this link:

Long Range Classes


What to bring;

Good attitude, lunch, snacks, water. Outdoor clothing, jacket, possible inclement weather (no red colored clothing, instructors only). Backpack (Stuff it with Clothes or bedding to shoot off of). Binoculars. Clipboard, pencil or pen. Scoped rifle w/ min 150 rounds ammunition. Hearing protection (electronic preferred). Safety glasses or prescription glasses.  EMPTY CHAMBER FLAG, If you do not have one they will be available to purchase at a nominal cost. 

Optional items; 

Glasses (reading/sunglasses), back-up scoped rifle with ammo, shooting bags/rests, shooting pad/mat, bi-pod, rangefinder, spotting scope, tripod, weather/wind meter, cell phone with ballistic app. 


243 cal rifle or larger, boat-tail hunting or match bullets, 9 power scope or larger with finger adjustable turrets and adjustable parallax.

What to expect

We will provide the targets, instructional material (Binder with class Powerpoint), Range card to include angle shooting chart, wind call chart, and rifle data cards.  

From Salono St in Corning, drive west 27.5 miles from I.5.


Just past the huge OHV sign which will be on your right you will see a sandwich board with the AFI logo.  The AFI sign will be on the left right at the entrance to the Salt Creak Ranch.  If you make it to the Salt Creak Inmate Camp you past the entrance by a mear 100 feet.

NOTE.  Some GPS will tell you to turn on Mudflat Rd.  Do not make this turn stay on the main rd and travel a short distance more.